About Blue Pelican Publications

Blue Pelican Publications is a publishing house for books on Cajun life and culture, with a special focus on the Cajuns of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana. Our first two releases, Cotton’s Seafood and Sketches of My Cajun Life, are both now available for purchase.

About the author

Jim LaBove is an entrepreneur currently living and working in Beaumont, Texas. Most of his formative years were spent growing up in Sabine Pass, Texas where he worked for Cotton’s Seafood, a local commercial fishing venture ran by his father, Lazime “Cotton” LaBove. During these years, Jim was enmeshed in a culture he refers to in his writing as “bayou Cajun,” an oft-overlooked branch of the descendants of Acadian settlers who came to live in the coastal salt marshes of the Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana area. His published works seek to put a spotlight on these people, with the hope that they will play some small role in preserving this unique heritage.

About the designer

James LaBove is a graphic designer and web developer based in Beaumont, Texas. He is the owner of Spindletop.net, a local marketing and advertising agency. He shares his father’s love of all things Cajun, and hopes to see our local flavor of the culture preserved and appreciated for years to come.

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